You Can Heal - Guided Meditation

Hypnotherapy Meditation to Rewire the Subconscious Mind

What is Hypnotherapy?

This is a guided hypnotherapy meditation to help you rewire any subconscious thoughts related to your ability to heal. This is for you if you sometimes struggle with doubt or don’t always believe that you are capable of fully taking your health back!

Hypnotherapy is a heightened state of concentration that relaxes the body while focusing the attention to reprogram the subconscious mind. This will help change thought patterns that are not serving you. This type of therapy allows you to get to the deep subconscious mind where your perceptions, sensations, emotions, memories, thoughts and behaviors are stored.

Rewiring your limiting thought patterns to ones that are serving you will allow you to break through blocks that may be holding you back from fully healing. Shifting these patterns will help you create a belief system around what WILL serve you.

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Vanessa Bighinatti

Vanessa is an ADAPT Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, NLP & Hypnotherapy Practitioner, and Reiki II Practitioner. She helps chronic illness warriors, from around the world, reduce symptoms naturally through nutrition, mindset & holistic lifestyle to bring joy back into their life and take control of their health! Vanessa empowers and advocates for those on their healing journey. 

After struggling for years with Chronic Lyme Disease, Bartonella, POTS, EBV, SIBO & Leaky Gut, Shingles, Chronic Fatigue & Pain; having over 50+ symptoms; and bound to a cane at 24 years old, she has turned all her pain into her purpose and healed herself from what was told to be impossible. 

To connect with Vanessa, you can find her on IG @healingw.ness or

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